I am so in love with the British coastline and Lulworth Cove in Dorset is one of my most favorite places.


I have been to Lulworth a quite a few times in all seasons. I came here for my birthday in November 2015 and stayed in a pretty hotel which is called the Lime Stone Hotel.

The Lime Stone hotel is a gorgeous hotel in a great location. I loved all the little touches the rooms had. The bed was so lovely and cosy and they had books and a TV for the guests to use.


The breakfast menu was in a Beatrix Potter book! another one of the lovely little touches the hotel had.

We went on a few beach walks and just generally wandered around! It was very cold so we wrapped up warm.


After our little beach walk we came back to the hotel and warmed up by the fire with a hot chocolate.


We also paid a visit to Lulworth Castle – there isn’t much to look at in the castle but the grounds are beautiful and the top tower has really nice views.


I love visiting castles in general, I find them so interesting I love hearing about the history thats behind the castle walls.


As much as I loved Lulworth in the winter the summer it is even better!

I came to Dorset for a week with my family in August this year (2016) we came to Lulworth for the day and took a boat ride to Durdle Door (above photo is Durdle Door) I highly recommend it! only took around 10 mins and was £7 each.

We walked up the hill overlooking Lulworth on the cliffs and I did not find the walk easy! especaily in the heat, but the views make it all worth it.

The left photo is obviously the walk in the winter, and the right is in the summer. When we came in the winter we actually had a weather warning for wind and climbing up the hill with high winds definitely wasn’t a good idea.

Overall I would recommend paying a visit to this beautiful place. I always feel very happy and peaceful being by the seaside and this place is perfect for a weekend away.


Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love,

Helena xx

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