This post is full of my favourite pink lipsticks which I use the most.


L-R Mac – Love you forever, Lipstick Queen – All that jazz, Gerard Cosmetics – Buttercup, Bobbi Brown – Ballerina pink, NYX soft matte lip creme – Sydney

Mac – Love you forever


This was my very first Mac lip product ever! It’s very old and I probably should replace it soon to be honest! It’s a Mac pro long wear lip creme which is a matte Barbie pink shade, this lip creme has blue undertones which helps your teeth look whiter, which is always a plus with a lipstick. I find it’s very long lasting and the only dark pink I tend to wear. I most probably should have checked this before rambling on about it but they don’t seem to sell it at Mac anymore! but… I did track one down on USA amazon!

Lipstick Queen – All that jazz


This is the perfect party lipstick. This lipstick is shimmery, moisturising and a lovely salmon pink shade. I actually bought this last year for my birthday from Space NK. I wanted a really special birthday colour which I would wear on special occasions and when I saw this I had to have it.

Gerard Cosmetics – Butter Cup

This lipstick is the perfect nude pink. I love this lipstick as it is a good mix of nude and baby pink, nice for everyday wear.

Bobbi Brown – Ballerina Pink


Out of all of these lipsticks this is one ive been using the most, I havent had it that long but I am in love with this shade it’s so pretty and so easy to wear. I find it very nourishing and makes my lips look shiny and healthy. I would highly recommend having a look at this lipstick if your passing a Bobbi Brown counter.

NYX Soft matte lip creme – Sydney


This shade can be very hit and miss. Some people love it and some hate it, I personally L O V E it! I actually wanted this shade when I saw it in one of Zoe’s videos  (zoella) which I will link here I just think this is such a complimenting colour. As this is a matte lip creme as you would expect it is drying and honestly doesn’t last all day but if you top it up every now and again you will be good to go! This lip product is also very affordable and a bit of  fun.



I hope you enjoyed my little blog post about my favourite pink lipsticks.


Whats your favoruite pink lipsitck?



Love Helena xx

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