I have been testing out these two ponds creams over the last 4-5 months and thought I would share my thoughts on them. Ponds is sold in many places, I get mine from Pharmacy’s, but Superdrug and Boots now sell ponds which is so easy to get hold of in the UK.

Ponds Cold Cream I am going to be honest when I first got this I didn’t read anything about it and I thought it was just a moisturizer so I used it just all over my face and left it on… safe to say that isn’t the way its meant to be used and I didn’t like it as a moisturizer.. This is actually a cream cleanser for dry skin, its purpose is to remove makeup deep down and leave your skin still very moisturized. So I’ve used it for its actual purpose now and I really like it. It’s very thick and does removal makeup really well, I have not used this on my eyes but for my foundation this is a lovely cleanser, I still use a micellar water to remove my makeup at first but this is great for removing the rest of my makeup and putting the moisture back in. It’s great to invest in a cleanser like this for the colder months as your skin can be very dry this time of year.

Ponds Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream I picked this up us I want to start using some anti-wrinkle skin care as my skin care routine is really lacking some anti ageing products. This is a nice moisturizer it’s very thick and is perfect for this time of year. My skin is combination to dry, around the autumn winter time it definitely becomes more dry so I need to add a thick moisturizer to my routine. This is a good product, very affordable and easy to get hold off. I would definitely recommend if you need a new moisturiser or just want to add some anti-ageing products to your collection/routine.


Have you tried any ponds products?


With Love Helena xx


2 thoughts on “Ponds Review

    1. Yeah it is really nice and thick! I definitely prefer thicker ones as well! Hahahah thanks! Felt like such an idiot was gonna do a review when I really didn’t like it then I realized oh…. hahaha!! Xxxxx


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