So its my 21st BIRTHDAY TODAY! I am so excited for the day ahead! I have written  post about my favourite nude liquid lipsticks I hope you enjoy.

Liquid lipsticks are a pretty big deal in the makeup industry right now.

I have tried many liquid lipsticks and I have rounded up my top 4 nude shades.
My all time favourite liquid lipstick. I bought this earlier in the year, and I love the formula and the shade. I did buy another shade as I loved this one so much. This shade is perfect for my skin tone. Its a orange toned brown nude. Long lasting, Moisturising this isn’t a matte liquid lipstick which I like. My go to nude.
This shade is quite hard to get hold of and once I got hold of it I fell in love with the shade! Its a nude/brown shade. I have two of these as whenever I see its in stock I pick up a back up. Very long lasting and dries matte but tends to need topping up. If you top this up too often it can cake together and becomes very uncomfortable I just apply this once in the morning and then re apply in the afternoon and it seems to be fine or just apply in the areas its needed not all over the lip. Overall gorgeous colour and lovely product.
As the name would suggest this is a matte liquid lipstick, very thin but a lovely colour, nice everyday natural pink shade. Long lasting and doesn’t need to be topped up so perfect for work or a day out.
Mac jumped on the liquid lip trend and bought out a range of liquid lipsticks quite a while ago for £21 each but they have now changed the prices to £17.50 each. I tried to get a few shades but this was the only one I could get hold of at the time, I was surprised that I love this shade, I was a bit worried it was too much of a pinky nude and it would wash me out but its a lovely shade and it works with my skin tone. I would say this is the most long lasting out of all the lipsticks.
Overall those are my favourite nude liquid lipsticks.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Would love to hear what posts you love reading/want to see?
Love Helena xxxx

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