The Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask is one of my favourite masks I have two at the moment as I bought a back up when it was on offer. They have since changed the packaging and I do prefer the new packaging! This is a thermal mask so it heats up on your face which is a lovely touch for winter when its a chilly evening. This is a ‘warming charcoal treatment for perfectly clean & purified skin’ as it says on the tube. This is a very deep cleaning mask and I find it works really well. I do prefer it being thermal as it feels like its doing something. This mask leaves my skin clean and deeply cleansed and smooth it is defiantly work checking out. I picked mine up from boots they do sell sample sachet’s which is good to test it out at first before buying the whole tube. My skin is combination/dry skin but I must admit it is getting more dry as we are getting further into winter so I tend to use this mask a lot this time of year. This is a gorgeous mask to try which also won’t break the bank every loves a good pamper and face mask!


Have you have tried a thermal mask?

With Love Helena xx

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