I went out for a night out in London for my 21st birthday celebrations and I thought it the perfect time to give my new Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation a try.


It was very long-lasting as the name suggests buttttt it did go very dry by the end of the night and very cakey. I have the shade 4 and it was a tiny bit to light seeing as I had a spray tan so I did a lot of bronzing. This foundation is very full coverage and it does feel heavy but that doesn’t bother me on a night out as I do my make-up a lot heavier for an evening look. I took this foundation to New York and I got sick of it as it was so thick and not suitable for everyday, it did last all day without fail but just felt a little to thick. Overall this foundation is very nice for an occasion or night out the coverage is amazing and the shade range is also great. I hope you  enjoyed my review. With Love Helena xxxx

10 thoughts on “Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Test

      1. Yeah maybe this won’t be for you then I did find it was very heavy and thick especially felt it towards the end of a day with it on xx

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    1. I would say double wear is heavier as I have that as well! But they are very similar. Worth getting a sample. Aw thanks I just did that with yours 🙂 xxx

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