I went to Bath and Body Works!!! I have wanted to shop in Bath and Body Works for so long.


How cute is the packaging of all this stuff I love it so much! I cannot wait to light this candle for Christmas it’s so pretty. I wanted to get more candles but I was limited to one due to my weight allowance for coming home. I got another body cream in the scent Merry Berry Kiss for my Nan as I knew she would love it and the foaming hand soap for mum.


The scent winter candle apple was my favorite so I naturally got the most products in that scent it’s so sweet and festive. I picked up the shower gel, body cream, scrub and two hand sanitizer’s.


They had an amazing deal on which was buy 3 get 3 free so I got 6 hand sanitizer’s as you do… I did give 4 of them away as gifts apart from 2 I kept for my handbag. I just think the sanitizer’s are so cute and pretty I just couldn’t resist.

I love having all festive themed bath and skin care im a very gimmicky person if you can’t tell! I wish we had bath and body works in the UK I would be in there all the time. I hope you enjoyed this haul, With Love Helena xxxxx

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