This is the time of year to have a hot bath and pamper yourself!


My go to brand for a pampering bath is Lush. I previously did a post about how much I love the ‘Snow Fairy’ bubble bath and shower gel, I always stock up on it this time of year and love using it for bubble bath along side a lush bath bomb, but if you do prefer showers Snow Fairy can obviously used in the shower. My favourite lush bath bomb is ‘Butter Bear’ it works wonders on my skin, when this bath bomb is put into the bath it releases an oil type substance which makes my skin so soft and smooth. I also have 2 ‘Star Dust’  bath bomb’s which I haven’t actually used before and I’m excited to give them a go. You can’t go wrong with the Christmas collection can you! I also have a few of the ‘Think Pink’ bath bombs which is another lovely bath bomb. I have the ‘Pink Fun’ which I have used before, its such a cool multipurpose product which can be used as bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo or soap. This would be perfect if you have any children as they can use it almost like play dough and make all different shapes from it at bath time.

Bath and Body Works

Can we just appreciate the christmas collection packaging for a second isn’t it so gorgeous. I was so excited to get some B&BW products when I was in the USA. You can’t have a relaxing bath without a candle, any candle will do I love my new one from B&BW it’s so festive I almost don’t want to light it because I don’t want to use it up, I love having a bubbly relaxing candlelit bath. The shower gels are great for bubble bath as well they smell great. When I am having a pamper night I tend to do a body scrub whilst in the bath I had the nicest one last year I think it was called pumpkin spice, it was my favorite scrub so when I went in myself I had to pick up a scrub, I don’t do body scrubs as often as I should but in the winter I do make an effort to them more.

Body Shop Honey-mania Bubble Bath Melt

I have been using Body Shop products for as long as I can remember when I was young I used to use my mum’s products as well! I got this bubble bath melt and I love it its such a nice product it feels very luxurious and makes massive bubbles you just have to scoop a little bit of the bath melt (which is a gel like formula) into running water. Perfect for a pampering bath. Also very affordable at £8.


Another bubbly bath product is this bath and shower gel from Cowshed which is the ‘Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath and Shower Gel’ Cowshed is a lovely brand. I love Cowshed product’s, you can get the products in Marks and Spencer they are a little bit pricy for bubble bath but very worth it and its nice to treat yourself with some luxurious products every now and again.

Treat yourself to a relaxing pamper night in or even on a sunday morning. It is so important to take time out for yourself to relax.

With Love Helena xxx

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