I love Christmas, anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas. I took the above photos of my bedroom, I love having the whole house decorated but Christmas isn’t all about the decorations, festive food, shopping, events, cosy frosty nights and presents. Christmas is a type of holiday which brings people together, I love how Christmas brings old friends together and friends who have been there all along it brings family together even if you only see them this time of year it still brings you together. Christmas is a magical time of year where everything seems to be happier. I love giving people gifts, shopping for the Christmas tree or wreath, I love Christmas movie days the list goes on and on but the main part I love about Christmas is the way it makes you feel very grateful for what you’ve got.
Dr Seuss – ‘Maybe Christmas Doesn’t Come From a Store Maybe Christmas Means a Little Bit More’

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🎄

With Love Helena xx

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2 thoughts on “My favourite things about Christmas

  1. Your pictures are so festive and cute, and all just in your bedroom?! Girl, go you! I love the stuff you’ve hung from the ceiling, I need to be better about being decorative lol Butttt nonetheless, I LOVE Christmas time too, everything about it right down to the food, family, and all around xmas cheer! Wishing you the best Christmas yet!!! ps- super cute blog, can’t wait to read more!!

    xo, JJ

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