Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette



You have probably heard about this highlighter if you watch beauty YouTube videos as everyone seems to have and love it! This is my favourite drugstore highlighter of all time. I don’t tend you buy highlighters from the high-street as I just find cheaper highlighters are normally very glittery and just not as good quality as the high-end brands such as Becca and Mac, but this palette blew me away! It is amazing I love the icy cool toned colours  I have used all the shades, there is 3 powder highlights and one cream. This palette is so pigmented and only £9.99. This is perfect for the winter time for a gorgeous icy highlight for the colder weather. I would highly recommend getting hold of this palette if you can it’s from a UK brand called Sleek which can be found online or in Superdrug and Boots here in the UK.


With Love Helena xxx

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11 thoughts on “Icy Highlight

  1. I think those colors are gorgeous! I love the “icy” toned ones esp when I’m feeling more on the pale side (sad, but true) for the winter time, it’s perfect! I wonder if I can find that brand over here in the US?

    xo, JJ

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    1. Same I do prefer a more icy highlight this time of year! Hahaha I feel you there girl so pale this time of year! But too cold to get the fake tan out 😉 I think you can get it in certain places and certain websites I will try to link the US websites next time! Xx

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  2. Ive heard so many great things about this palette. The only thing I dont like about it and will keep me from buying it, is the cream product in the palette. I dont think powders and creams should be mixed! It just doesnt make sense to me 😫 but Im glad you liked the palette!!! Hope the powders dont get the cream shade all nasty…

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