When I visited Wallgreens and Duane Read I picked up some sparkly drugstore goodness.



Starting with Wet’N’Wild Icon Glitter Eyeshadow’s- I was so excited to pick up some Wet’N’Wild products in New York and these caught my eye. I picked up the blue one first then saw the other shades in different drugstores throughout the week. These are almost gel/cream eye glitter, they are perfect for this time of year the shades are stunning as you can see from the swatches. The third swatch was meant to be the lightest white shade but to be honest it was basically non-existent so that one I will be trying out as a base. I thought I would swatch the gold and silver together instead of leaving a blank gap I love the way these look mixed in with each other. They are very creamy and the glitter is very chunky I would use this over a cream eyeshadow as they do not have a strong block colour. Perfect for the party season and only $0.59!!! how crazy is that. I have found them on a U.K site for £1.88! Perfect for finishing off a eye-look.



Physicians Formula is a really nice brand. I have used some of their products already and I have heard a lot about this highlighter I wish I picked up the other shade as well, it hasn’t got any chunky shimmer which is my number one hate in a highlighter, the shades can be worn on their own as well as together. I have been using the baby pink shade as blush. I would highly recommend picking this up.



This is such a pretty glittery eyeshadow palette I have used this a few times and it looks gorgeous as a eyeshadow topper. A good range of colours, not the most pigmented palette I own but if you add one of these shimmery shades over the top of eyeshadow you have already done it gives it a pop of sparkle.

I hope you enjoyed this post please leave a comment 🙂 With Love Helena xx

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6 thoughts on “Winter Sparkle – US Drugstore Edition

  1. Wet n Wild never disappoints me with their bright bold sparkly tones! Those are literally perfect to ring in the new year with! Those highlighter colors are so pretty! I’d probably have to mix them all together and use them because I wouldn’t even know which to choose lol

    xo, JJ


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