This time of year can be tough on your skin the cold damp weather can really take its toll. So I have put together a few of my skin pick me ups for radiant glowy skin in the colder months also can we just talk about how its 2017? how crazy!

Simple Kind to Skin hydrating cleansing oil –  I love using cleansing oils in the winter as my skin does get more dry. I use this after I’ve removed all my makeup or if I’m being lazy to remove my makeup. It gives my skin such an instant glowy look.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir – I have linked the smaller size to this as its good to get a smaller one to see if you like it, this is a proper princess product some people say it doesn’t do anything but I find this is perfect to use before makeup to prep my skin and after for a dewy finish. I also like to use this when I’m having a no makeup day to make me look more fresh, perfect little skin pick me up.

Pixi Glow Tonic –  I have been using this toner for years and I will always re purchase it. I tend to use this around 2-3 times a week as it a bit too harsh for everyday use. It is basically a liquid exfoliator so it removes all the dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowy and bright works wonders for my skin in the colder months.

Clinique Moisture Surge – This is one of my favourite moisturiser’s this is my third tub. It is such a nice light moisturiser. I love how this feels when I put it on my skin, a good moisturizer is the key to giving your skin a pick me up.

Decleor Iris Night Balm – I love this product I use it over night about 3 times a week and a little goes a long way! I get about a pea sized amount and rub it onto my skin, as you rub it in it turns into an oil like substance. This does feel very intense and thick on the skin but I am fine with that by the morning my skin is bright and hydrated definitely worth the money mine has lasted me so long so far.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner – It isn’t just your face that should be taken care of, your body needs to be moisturised as well. This one can be used in the shower, simply coat your body with the conditioner and then wash off and then your skin is nice and moisturizied.

Walgreens Lip Balm – These aren’t available online but I did pick up a couple in store when I was in the states, your favorite lip balm will do, it’s essential to carry a lip balm around with you in the winter as it really does affect the lips. This walgreens lip balm is so good and a perfect dupe for the EOS lip balm. (Post coming soon 😉

I hope this post helps you give your skin a little pick me up this winter.

With Love Helena xxx

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15 thoughts on “Winter Skin Pick Me Ups

  1. Great post…..I love my Moisture Surge…..I’m on about pot 3 or 4 too 🙂 Might try the Pixi Tonic though….I use a liquid exfoliator (toner) as part of my clinique 3 step though….I take it this wouldn’t replace it?? Any ideas as I’ve been wanting to try it for a while! 🙂

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    1. It’s lovely isn’t it! I always go back to it! Well I use this is as my liquid exfoliator it’s quite harsh so I only use it 2-3 times a week! Definitely worth trying. I would like to try he Clinique 3 step skin care isit worth me checking out?! Xx

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      1. Ah ok maybe it’s something I could use every few evenings then as in evening I don’t always use my 3 step. I think the 3 step has helped my skin drastically. I still get acne on my chin (hormonal) but generally my skin is much better than it used to be. I don’t necessarily stick to Clinique for cleanser though as I’m loving an Estée Lauder cream cleanser at moment so I use that and sonic brush then step 2 and 3 😊 plus serums and moisturisers 😄 I think I bought the little travel versions in a set before I bought the full ones. There’s enough to give it a good trial with those x

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      2. Yeah I could get it to try every few evenings! Maybe I should try the 3 step I don’t get ache or anything do you think it would be too harsh for my skin? Omg I do that! I love having travel and sample products before buying a full product. Like the Emma Hardy cleansing balm we both got in the marks and Spencer’s advent calendar I have been loving that and will have to pay the full size! Xx

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      3. The 3 step works on 4 skin types and I’m number 3 so no if you speak to Clinique (they even do a web chat) and they’ll tell you what number you are. 😊
        I haven’t used the EH cleansing balm yet but have heard it’s amazing. I’ll have to give it a go soon but don’t want to try too many things in one go. I’ve still got the liquid gold to use yet. Have you tried it? Xx

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      4. Oh ok I might give it a go later in the year I have so much stuff to use up before it goes out of date haha I can’t help buying new things to try! The cleansing balm is sooo good I’m going to do a post on it when I buy the full size it takes makeup off like a dream especially eye makeup without any irritation and don’t even need to rub much! I haven’t tried to liquid gold yet I’m trying not to pile my skin with new things like you said! But I’ve heard lots of good things about it xx

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      5. Haha yeah eyeliner and mascara is my struggle!! But this cleansing balm is great with a warm cloth I love it let me know what you think when you’ve tried it out! Xx

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  2. Such good items to use during brittle cold dry skin season. I’m such an oil fan- I find that it helps the most and works the best out of everything. But that Night Balm you wrote about sounds amazing, I’ve never heard of that brand, totally going to go look into it! Thanks for the awesome suggestions!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Yeah! Definitely gotta look after my skin in this awfuly cold weather!! Me too I love using oils I find it is so helpful and makes my skin feel glowy! Omg the night balm is so dreamy you should defo have a look I’m gonna try and find some cheaper alternatives to try out as it’s quite pricey! Thanks again for a lovely comment xxxxx

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