NYX are known for good affordable lip products and ever since I have used the NYX soft matte lip creams I have wanted to share it. I have 7 of the of the shades and I really like them, I find them very easy to apply and perfect for on the go.


(Swatches Nude to Dark)

London – One of the nude shades in the collection, beige toned nude with a hint of brown I love this colour especially as a matte finish.

Sydney – Barbie blue toned pink, not everyone will love this shade but with minimal eye makeup I love wearing this shade. This is one of the few blue toned baby pink lip shades that suit me.

Tokyo – Similar to Sydney but more of a nude/salmon pink, this one is easier to wear as it isn’t a blue toned baby pink but it is still fairly similar to Sydney.

Ibiza – Deep pink verging on red, perfect in between shade, I love this colour it’s so easy to wear.

Morroco –  My favorite shade of all! This shade is a lovely orange toned red which is my personal favourite shade of red. I love orange lipsticks and this lip cream is really nice. Very drying and needs to be topped up but thats expected for a bright matte shade.

Monte Carlo – Deep red shade perfect for christmas time and suits all skin tones in my opinion.

Copenhagen – The darkest shade I have, a vampy deep purple shade, does tend to leave the lips very patchy looking if not topped up a few times.


The NYX soft matte lip creams are definitely worth checking out. Such good value for money and some really nice shades. Maybe not for everyone as they are matte and quite drying but nothing a good lip balm and little top up every now and again can’t fix. I picked these up from Boots and Asos.

Thank you for reading 🙂

With Love Helena xxx

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10 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Creams Review

  1. I’m a nyx lip product fanatic too! I’ve used the London one and I love it. The pigmentation is so bold and goes on beautifully. I’m dying to try the red one (Monte Carlo) but I’ve recently switched over to the Lip Suedes which I also love. Nyx hands down has the best products and most affordable too!!

    xo. JJ


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