Velvet Teddy is one of Mac’s most popular nude shades, and for good reason it is a gorgeous brown toned nude. If its good enough for Kylie Jenner its good enough for me! As you can see I already have the velvet teddy lipstick, you can buy velvet teddy in a limited edition casing for Christmas. This is a very different scent to what I normally go for its very musky and gives off a cinnamon spice kind of vibe. I would recommend going in to store and smelling it before purchasing. You can purchase the perfume from Mac or many department stores which stock it. I have linked the Mac Shadescents in Velvet Teddy here.

How do you feel about the Shadescents?

With Love Helena

5 thoughts on “Mac’s Velvet Teddy In a Fragrance?!

  1. I had no idea that they had shadescents thats so interesting. I too am a lover of the MAC’s velvet teddy, its one on my favorite nude tones…but the scent thing makes me kind of iffy. I’m not a huge cinnamon spice fan so I think I’d have to stay away and just stick with the lipstick 🙂 Thats cool to know they have that though!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I love Mac’s Velvet Teddy! My friend has it and every time I go over to her place, I wear it. I was planning on “borrowing” it but she caught me and wouldn’t let it go, lol. I really need to get my own! >_< I haven't smelled the scent yet but everyone has been raving about it! So curious!


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