I picked up a couple of the Well at Walgreen’s lip balms which look a lot like the EOS lip balms. I thought I would put them to the test and see which one works the best.



As you can see they are extremely similar in the way they look. I actually don’t rate the EOS lip balms that much and I’ve given them a very good go as you can see I have tried loads of them. I find they are great for a few days then they dry out and are very hard to use and just don’t give your lips anything,  especially for the semi expensive price tag this lip balm is normally between £7-8 in store but I have found one on amazon for £4 which I have linked above.

Walgreen’s Revo Lip balm

This lip balm is 100% a dupe for the EOS lip balm and unlike normal dupes this one is a lot better! and cheaper! I love it when I find a cheap dupe which works the same or better. It’s so annoying we do not get these in the U.K (but i have found them on amazon for like triple the price!) I only bought 2 of these and I have used them loads, they seem to last a long time and mine haven’t dried out either so we are onto a winner here. So much cheaper and much better quality I have one in my hand bag and one on my makeup vanity. If you are near a Walgreen’s definitely pick one up.

Thanks so much for reading my review/dupe post.

With Love Helena xx

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4 thoughts on “EOS DUPE!!

  1. Great review! I also find the EOS lip balms to be just okay. I don’t think they’re very moisturizing and find that cheaper products are way better… xoxo Sarah

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  2. That is SO good to know. I personally don’t know what the hype is all about for Eos, I’ve used them before and was thoroughly disappointed in them, they didn’t do anything for my lips. I think it was more for the packaging that everyone was so into…but its nice to know there’s a similar product out there for cheaper with better results! Thanks for the review- need to go get me one now!!!

    xo, JJ

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