I got these two Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissues Masks in my stocking for Christmas and I was so pleased and excited to try them out! I love the Garnier Moisture Bomb Over Night Moisturizer I have featured it in one of my monthly favorites posts so I had high hopes for this mask and it was quite disappointing. I have tried a few sheet masks before and they were way to watery made a right mess as it just dripped water! This one was the same to be honest it was hard to put on it was so watery and really uncomfortable on the skin I couldn’t wait to take it off as it just felt like it was sliding all around my face! I left it on for 15 minutes as recommended and when I took it off my skin did feel more hydrated but mainly just wet. I think I will still be on the hunt for the perfect sheet mask. Thank you for reading my review do you like sheet masks?

With Love Helena xx


12 thoughts on “Garnier Mask Review

  1. I’ve tried this before. It was indeed quite wet, but not as wet as my Etude House ones. I let it on until it almost dries. So I don’t take it off before 30 minutes. I did notice in the morning that my face was more plump. xoxo Sarah

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  2. ugh I know what you mean when sheet masks are just soaking wet. I mean I totally get that it should be but I remember one I used it was literally dripping, I spent the whole time over a sink….Buttttt I do remember my skin feeling good after but I just can’t deal with the dripping wetness. I’m still on the prowl for a good sheet mask! Let me know if you find one!!

    xo, JJ


  3. These makes sounded and looked great but too bad it’s too wet…I can’t wait to see what mask you’ll eventually stick to or approve. I’ll definitely be waiting to find out and try it for myself! 🙂 Happy mask hunting!

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