I have now filled up my Small Z Palette full of Makeup Geek Shadows. I purchase them from beauty bay but I was also very lucky as my lovely friend Rebecka send me some over for Christmas. I bought my Z Palette from Beauty Bay for £9.50 then the eyeshadows individually the shadows range in price depending on what type of eyeshadow you go for I will list the prices along side the name of the shadow. I have heard so much about Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and as a makeup lover I had to jump on the hype and get some of my own, they are long lasted highly pigmented shadows I am defiantly going to get a bigger Z Palette and get some more! Whenever I do my friends makeups I always get this palette out.

Karma – Shimmery Iridescent yellow toned gold.

Beaches & Cream – Matte light peachy transition shade.

Starry Eyed- Stunning pressed pigment champayne gold.

In The Spot Light – Orange toned peach pressed pigment shimmer.

Cosmopolitan – Deep peach verging on red shade.

Chickadee – Matte light orange shade love this in the crease and low down under the eye.

Anarchy – Deep red toned brown with a hint of shimmer.

Cocoa Bear – Matte brown crease shade.

Havoc – Shimmery green with purple under tones.


Have you tried Make Up Geeks Eyeshadows? If so what shades do you have.

With Love Helena xxx


12 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Eye-Shadow Collection

  1. Oh yeah you can totally tell that the pigmentation of those colors are so good and bold. I love the colors you have in your pallet. So do you buy them individually like that and then they have a cute little packaging box for you to organize them in??

    xo, JJ

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