Ok so I’ve avoided buying the Mac ‘Soft and Gentle’ highlighter forever and I don’t even know why I’ve tried a few highlighters in the past from Mac and haven’t been too impressed so I just naturally avoided this one I suppose no matter how many times I heard it being raved out! then…. my boyfriend asked if I wanted anything from Mac for Christmas so I just dropped it in there and then I got it! and I LOVED IT! (at first) ….This is such a gorgeous champagne highlighter it is so pigmented and a little goes along way, this is going to look so gorgeous in the summer with a tan and natural makeup. BUT I did notice one thing which is a big set back, it doesn’t last very long at all this highlighter looks absolutely stunning when its first applied but I noticed that nearing the end of the day it almost looked grey so I switched up my primer a few times and it was fine. So overall I give into the hype and this product is worth checking out if you want a new highlighter or if your like me and just love buying highlighters but I would say try Becca Champagne Pop over this.

Have you tried soft and gentle?

With Love Helena xxx

8 thoughts on “The Highlighter Everyone Has

  1. The color swatch is absolutely gorgeous, looks like a bronzed goddess. Bummer that it doesnt last that long but glad you figured out a way to make it work with a primer! The wonders of a primer!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. This is definitely the soft and gentle highlighter what makes you think it’s not? Or do you mean it isn’t very soft and gentle hahaha!! Yeah I really like a natural glow but if I’m honest I love to pack on the highlight! What’s your fave highlighter ? Xxxx


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