The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour range was made to combat dry skin and the products are definitely worth checking out if you suffer from very dry skin.


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream:

This is a beauty cult product in the industry almost everyone in the beauty world has this or has heard of it. It is a multi-purpose balm type gel. It is a skin protectant. I use it mostly for a lip balm but it can be used for so many things such as dry skin, burns, irritated dry skin, to help calm redness, dry cuticles, set eyebrows, after sun etc… it has many amazing purposes. It is called 8 hour cream for a very obvious reason its’ meant to keep you moisturized for 8 hours. Such an amazing product for dry skin. I have one in my hand bag at all times and another one in my draw at work.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream intensive moisturising body treatment:

This is the thickest body cream I own and its so good to have one like this especially now we are having a very cold winter in the UK. I find this sinks into the skin very nicely and leaves my skin soft and moisturised. I use this a lot in winter normally at night-time as it is very intense. Like all of the eight-hour range it is very good for irritated dry skin.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream intensive moisturising hand treatment

This is a hand cream, it is called a hand treatment as its very intense like the whole range but I absolutely love it. I love taking this away with me as it’s a handy travel size.

With Love Helena xx

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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Range

  1. My skin sounds like it could definitely put those products to use. I was browsing through a Macys the other day and I wanted to look at Elizabeth Arden’s counter but I didn’t have enough time! I def should’ve…. But its great to know ahead of time that these are all good products to use!

    xo, JJ

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  2. These skincare products sound great! I haven’t tried Elizabeth ARden yet but after reading this, I definitely want to! I have combo skin but during the winter season, I have many dry patches. I feel like this would be great for that!


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