My Favourite brand for lip liners at the moment is Rimmel I do have a few Mac lipliners but I find I reach for my Rimmel ones more (which is fab as they are 3/4 of the price) I reach for these everyday. These lip liners are so creamy and long-lasting.

047 Cappuccino – This shade is a brown toned nude liner, I love using this liner with a nude lipstick on the top for the 90s kind of look.

018 Addiction –  This is one of the twist up liners, which I do find are harder to use in my opinion but I love it nonetheless and its a gorgeous nude red shade.

050 Tiramisu –  I picked this up in Superdrug but I cannot seem to find it online to link to this post but its worth looking out for while in store as you can see it is another great nude shade.

011 Spice – This is probably my most used out of all of the liners its a orange toned nude which goes well with all my nude lipsticks.

063 East End Snob – I use this liner on its own all the time just all over the lips its a gorgeous mauve pink shade, so creamy and long lasting.




With Love Helena xxx

13 thoughts on “My Go To Lip Liners

  1. Great color tones! I can’t believe it took me so long to start using lip liners, I never really saw the point to them but once I tried one, I was obsessed! It definitely makes all the difference and just creates such a clean look. Especially with reds! A lot of those tones you have would go seemingly well with my lip stick collection. Do you prefer the mechanical or pencil ones better?

    xo, JJ

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    1. Yeah I wear a lip liner whenever I wear lipstick, you should pick some up such good value for money. I perfect pencil as it’s easier to use but I’m so lazy with sharpening them so the twist up ones are handy! X

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