Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope you can appreciate my little Valentines backdrop for this product haha. I bought the Cover FX custom cover drops in the shade G30 about 4 months ago as I needed a new full coverage foundation. I had heard Lauren Curtis raving about this foundation and I had to get it. Essentially this is meant to be full coverage drops to add more coverage to other foundations, BB creams etc.. but I like to wear it on its own as Lauren does as I love a full coverage foundation. I got mine from Space NK for £36 which is quite expensive for a 15ml foundation but its well worth it. I have used this many times now including my birthday, Its very long lasting and a little goes a long way. It’s a slightly dewy finish I wouldn’t say its matte. You don’t get much product in this small bottle and I’ve actually used it all up and need to get another one when I’m next in Space NK.

With Love Helena xx

5 thoughts on “Cover FX Drops Review

      1. I endedd up returning it. I like that it could be added to a foundation to increase the coverage but in terms of mixing it with another foundation to change the color – that part wasn’t enough to justify me keeping the product. I already have so many foundations that I mix two that I alraedy have to achieve the best foundation shade for my skin at that time. And in terms of coverage, I alraedy have foundations that have medium to full coverage so I could always mix that in. I do however really like that the cover fx drops have so many shades for so many undertones. So if someone doesn’t own as many foundations as I do, this product would be a gem!


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