I store my bath bombs and a few other minis on a white cake stand, I’ve been using this cake stand for my bath bits for YEARS now its one of my favourite things about my bed room. I tend to have my bath bombs and fizzers on the bottom and the bigger bits on the top! Then all the other full size products around it and some in the bottom draw of my chest of drawers (I have A LOT of bath products) I always get a load of bath stuff for Christmas and I love sorting it all out every now and again and moving products to different places so I get to see all my collection and try all different things. I pretty much always have some kind of Lush product in my bath and body collection whether its a bath bomb, bubble bar or the shower gels! I recently got a few things from the Valentines collection which is so pretty. I just LOVE Baths I have a bath pretty much everyday, I find they just fully relax me and who doesn’t love a bit of pampering. I hope you enjoyed this slightly random blog post! Would you like some more bedroom style blog posts? Please let me know!

How do you store your bath bits?

With Love Helena

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