This post is all about my this spray toner from Elemis! I have used this for a while now and have another waiting for when this one ends, I tend to switch up my skin care routine quite a lot as I haven’t found the perfect routine yet but this is one product that always stays put. I have combination/dry skin and this toner really cools and calms my skin. I use about two sprays over my face and neck. I was really interested in this toner as it claims to have no alcohol, artificial colours or mineral oils and I love the idea of making my skin care routine more natural and alcohol free. I find that this toner helps with the redness of my skin. This toner retails for £22.50  What do you think of this toner?

With Love Helena xx

One thought on “Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner Review

  1. I’ve been on the prowl for a good toner, but I haven’t really found one that sticks out to me. I’m definitely eager to find one that helps reduce redness, I wonder if I could find this product in the US?

    xo, JJ


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