I have been using the Lancome Tonique Confort Toner for Dry Skin as I am on the hunt for a whole new skin care routine so I’m trying different products to find the perfect routine. I thought I would review the products along the way! I picked this up from Debenhams a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. This is such a pretty product it is thick pink gel formula which I apply using a cotton pad when applying it feels silky and so smooth. This toner is targeted on Dry Skin which I do agree with as it is thick and very hydrating I find this toner gives my skin a lovely glow. This toner is made with Honey and Almond Extract, I love any products with Honey it really brings the hydration and glow back to my skin. Overall I would rate this toner a 6/10 due to it being more of a princess product! I find it does work but it is not as hydrating as I would like. I am not sure if it is the holy grail toner I am looking for but it is a lovely product.

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