One evening I was just scrolling through twitter and I saw someone had bought these beautiful lipsticks from LOreal and I just HAD TO HAVE THEM! I am love disney so when you mix Disney with makeup I’m all over it. I had to buy these from amazon.it which is the Italian amazon so with the help of google translate and euro to pounds converter I got them. Shockingly they arrived in 5 days! I think thats pretty good I expected to wait a while for them. I have used ‘Lumière’ the nude shade pretty much every day since I got it and thats not even an exaggeration. I love the formula and colour of this lipstick its so creamy and pretty makes my lips look so full and as silly as it sounds healthy! ‘Belle’ the red shade is also stunning it is the same formula and is a beautiful orange toned red. I’m not sure when these are coming into stores in the U.K but I’m going to keep my eye out to get more shades when they come out. I got these two lipsticks for £22.48 including postage, you can have a look through the collection here the lipsticks come in and out of stock a lot so its worth keeping an eye on it. I am so excited for the new Beauty and the Beast film to come out on March 17th! What do you think of theses limited edition lipsticks?

With Love Helena xx

4 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Lipsticks!

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