I went to Ilfracombe in February this year for a little getaway as you would have seen in my Devon Beach Hut Detox Blog Post. I thought I would do a separate post all about Ilfracombe as I definitely fell in love with this little part of North Devon. I stayed in Hele Bay in Ilfracombe, the beach was lovely and when the tide went out there was loads of rock pools and places to go and explore. There isn’t a lot in Hele Bay apart from the pub and a few little shops, it is a quiet peaceful place. Ilfracombe harbour was so pretty, a perfect little harbour village, we stopped and had some chips in the local fish and chip shop (this was pretty much the only thing open this time of year). We went with the intention of chilling out and just going out for good food and nice walks which is good seeing as next to nothing was open. I didn’t mind at all.. I kind of loved it. We did want to visit the tunnels and the bathing pools from the olden days but sadly it was closed. Ilfracombe has such character and I can imagine how stunning it must be in the summer. There was so many walks and amazing views, I can’t wait to visit again one day.









With Love Helena xx

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