Me and Michael did a walk to Morte Point. We followed online directions from a website (I can’t locate the one we used but they all seem to be the same). The walk was so nice, fairly long but we did take our time and stopped to take in the amazing views. I saw this place on the National Trust website and really wanted to go there so when we wanted to do a long walk I suggested here which I am so happy about as we had such a good walk and ended it where we began the walk at the pub. As you would think this walk is mainly uphill and a lot of twists and turns, I must admit we did get lost but managed to find our way in the end. When we had reached Morte Point and climbed as high as we could get we sat down and listened to the sea crashing on the rocks I could have sat there for hours it was so relaxing and peaceful just hearing the ocean. With Helena xx

One thought on “Morte Point Walk – North Devon

  1. Oh wow, these pictures and the scenery are just stunning. The 4th picture down with you looking out to the water with the sun going down (?) or maybe it was just the lighting but its glorious!!!! Love it.

    xo, JJ


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