IMG_7826 (1)IMG_7693Sennen cove is a beautiful beach in Cornwall right at the end of England near Lands End. I have been to this beach twice now once in winter and once in summer (which was last year). The waters are crystal clear and the sand is white, there is plenty of things to do such as hire a surf board, paddle board or kayak which I wish I had time to do. Once we had found a little space on the beach to put our stuff down we walked up and down with our feet in the sea. We saw the life guards training, people surfing and paddle boarding. We went for lunch at the beach bar at the top of the cove which is called ‘Ben Tunnicliffe’ where we got a drink and pizza. We managed to get a table at the edge overlooking the beach which was so nice, it really didn’t feel like we were in England people really under-estimate England for holidays. What’s English beach you have visited?

With Love Helena xx


4 thoughts on “Sennen Cove 

  1. I’ve missed you girl! Where have you been!?!?
    These pictures look gorgeous!!! I’ve been seeing so many beach pictures, it’s making me crave it, but I have work and no PTO *cries* I guesss I’ll just have to go to the beach off-season or next year </3

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    1. Ive missed you too!! 😥 i just hit a bit of wall with blogging let a nasty comment get to me and all that rubbish! but I’m back now feeling good about it!! now to catch up on your blog! Yes get yourself to a beach girl! I love going any time of season xxxx

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      1. Don’t let nasty comments and haters get to you! People project their unhappiness upon others. Keep your head up and do your thing! There are plenty who support you, including me!!!

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