I picked these face masks up Primark. I’ve tried the ‘Gold’ sheet masks before from other brands and when I went to use them they were white… so when I opened these masks up I was so excited! (Sad I know) I love using sheet masks before getting ready for evenings out as it makes such a difference to your makeup base when your skin is hydrated and refreshed. I really like these masks they are a perfect pick me up for dehydrated skin. Sheet masks can be quite hard to use as they are very wet and messy but they really do make a difference to your skin when you add them into your weekly routine you will see a difference. £3 isn’t too bad a price for a good sheet mask, I know some people use them a couple of times but I tend to stick to the one use. Worth checking out if you want to bring masks into your weekly routine. I noticed my skin was a lot more clear, even and hydrated when I started using sheet masks 1-2 times a week along with other mud masks. These can be purchased in Primark (Sorry not online.)





I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

With Helena xxx

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