So I went a little bit mad in Sephora a couple of weeks ago to the point where I spent too much money and can’t fit everything in one post! So I’m going to do a little series of Sephora buys broken down into individual posts. Tarte is one of my favourite brands I really wish we had Tarte counters in the UK. The packaging of the products is always on point and draws me in every time.

Foil Finger Paints Shadow Palette

I am obsessed with glittery, foil eyeshadows anything sparkly and amazing I am obsessed with so when I saw this palette (and the stunning packaging) I had to have it! especially to use on New Years (which I did 😉



Holiday Highlighter

So I can’t actually find this online but if I’m being honest it isn’t how I imagined, I think because I have a Tarte palette which has an amazing strong highlight I kinda expected this to be like that but it is not.. I still really like it and will use it but for more of a subtle glow.


Lip Bling Lipgloss

Ok so when I saw this I just had to have it how beautiful is it!! I am obsessed I love everything about this from the packaging, the shade the formula. Love love love


Park Avenue Princess Bronzer

I have a slight obsession with bronzer I buy bronzer more than highlights I think, (and I love me some highlight) but I do struggle to find a bronzer that suits my skin and doesn’t go patchy/muddy lookikng so I’m hoping this one works for me. Again beautiful packaging.


Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

I bought one of the Sephora sets where they have multiple brands inside and I got this little eye cream and it’s so nice will definitely be buying a full size when I’ve used it up! I find it hard to find a nice eye cream which doesn’t sting my eyes and this one works well for me! Very thick and creamy.


Have you tried any Tarte products? With Helena xxxx

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