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Bodiam Castle is beautiful. I am so happy I visited. Bodiam is close to Rye where the  famous Mermaid Street and pub (featured on most haunted) is. Rye is such a cute place filled with cobbled streets, cosy pubs, little shops and cafes. I love visiting castles and old houses, its so interesting learning about the history. I visited this castle for free due to being a National Trust member (so worth it). It’s so fun to have a day out visiting somewhere you have never been before. This castle is mainly open and has a bridge leading over to the entrance it looks like a typical castle. From the top you can see miles of countryside and greenery so relaxing and refreshing definitely worth a visit and get a hot chocolate in the cafe.

With Helena xx

2 thoughts on “Bodiam Castle – National Trust

  1. Gosh Helena! Your hair is just the prettiest! I wish my hair could get so light and ashy! Anyways, that castle looks beautiful! One of these days I need to travel the world and see all these beautiful places!

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    1. Aw thank you so much! Having this hair colour is hard work tho 😂😂 yeah me too! So many beautiful places to see. Thanks for reading xxxx

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