Another Sephora post… I post a lot about Sephora considering I don’t even have one in my own country. I love sheet masks as I’ve said so many times before. Sephora sheet masks will always be my favourite so I always stock up when I go into a Sephora, my best friend also picks them up for me a lot as she’s an airhostess! bestie perks ;). I mainly love these sheet masks as they are comfortable on the skin and hydrating of course, some sheet masks are too wet and sticky or they fall off your face so easily which I cannot stand its so irritating. I saw they had some after sun masks for your face and neck area which I did buy with the intention of using on my holiday but I never got round to it so I think I need to book another holiday haha, they are watermelon scented and as the name suggested you use them after being in the sun to refresh and hydrate your skin, perfect to take on holiday. I also got 2 mud mask packs which say they last 4 uses but I have definitely used mine more than 4 times and still have just under half left. I tried these masks from a tester sample I got once and really liked them, mud masks are so nice to cleanse your skin of impurities and I love using them in the bath while relaxing. Have you tried any Sephora masks? P.S (I would link these on Sephora’s website but we cannot access the US Sephora site anymore here in the UK 😦 )

With Helena xx

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