I have just returned home from a 2 and a half month USA road trip which started in Los Angeles. I knew I’d love in L.A as it was a place I had always wanted to visit and it didn’t disappoint. This post will feature all of the places I visited.


Melrose was one of my favourite places we visited on our LA trip. It was an ‘Instagram dream’. I loved all of the wall art and boutique shops. Sorella Boutique was at the top of my list shopping wise in LA not only for the amazing Girls Tour wall but for the clothes. Melrose is the ideal place for anyone who likes shopping, coffee and art. There is many places to eat and drink in Melrose such as Urth Cafe, Joe & The Juice, Milk Bar and many more. It’s nice to just walk around and see what catches your eye. The famous ‘Paul Smith pink wall’ is in Melrose where you will see many people getting the perfect pink photo. The Colette Miller wings are also in Melrose. Make sure you wear your favourite outfit as the photo opportunities are everywhere.




We stayed near Hollywood in an Air BnB which was a fairly good location and we only had a short walk to the Hollywood Boulevard. Our day started with Dunkin Donuts of course and then we had a look around the stars on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ which wasn’t as glamorous as I had hoped but it was still cool to see. There isn’t a lot to do around this area but there is many souvenir shops. The Chinese Theatre is also around here which is good to see and there is some shops in this area such as Sephora and Victoria Secret. We actually got stopped on Hollywood Boulveard to be in a Netflix Magic show (such a Hollywood thing to happen). The next day we went up to the Griffith Observatory which was so nice. Seeing the Hollywood sign in person was such a surreal feeling. We had a walk around and did a mini hike to the sign. We got some gorgeous photos of the L.A skyline.



Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive was like a different world, full of designer shops, sports cars and restraunts. Such a fun place to walk around. We went into the Louis Vuitton exhibition which was really interesting and had lunch at one of my fave spots which is The Cheesecake Factory, the portion sizes are ridiculously huge but sooo good. We walked from Rodeo Drive to the Beverly Hills area to see the sign, it made me feel like I was on the real house wives!



Santa Monica & Venice Beach

We went to Venice beach one morning and walked from there to Santa Monica Pier which was one of our best days. The sun was shining, there were people on bikes, roller-skates and everyone seemed happy. We stopped half way to get a slice of pizza and we watched the world go by it was an amazing place to people watch. Once we had got to Santa Monica we chilled on the beach for a while and then wandered around the pier. We then walked back to Venice had a look at the little stalls of sunglasses and souvenirs before stopping for a cocktail break. Next we stumbled upon Abbot Kinney Boulevard, we saw so many nice places to eat and drink like The Butchers Daughter which I’ve heard is really nice. I did grab a matcha as I love it and I kinda thought that means the pizza wasn’t as bad (thats how it works right)? I loved this part of L.A its definitely worth planning a day to visit.



There is still so many places I want to visit in L.A, so I will definitely be going back one day but for now, reminiscing on these photos will have to do.

Have you ever visited L.A?

With Helena xx

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